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Birthdate:Jan 25
Location:Tennessee, United States of America
Website:Prix with a Silent X
I have had a Dreamwidth account over at [personal profile] we_protect_each_other since 2012. However, it has become mostly a repository for Dear Author letters, and every attempt at using it like a real fandom and personal blog has fallen by the wayside. Since tumblr announced its suicidal new policy on December 3, 2018, I decided that it might be a good opportunity to give LJ/DW-style blogging and fandom a go again since I think that this might be the real deal in terms of a lot of fandom-types leaving tumblr for good, and any talk of that usually leads to an uptick of people trying this again. I'm jumping on the imagined bandwagon, yes, but I have tried DW before, and I found that I had no real choice to remain in vocal fandom but to migrate to tumblr back in 2011.

I might make this info page a little more aesthetically pleasing in the future, but another reason I wanted a clean slate is to start a new account [community profile] tumblrmigration in order to help people who might find that this kind of blogging might feel a little bit like going backward or into a strange unknown.

I am 27 years old at the time of writing this. My pronouns are she/her. I'm an educator by profession. I enjoy a mixture of live-action and animated fandoms. I may talk about my personal life sometimes, but fandom is a big part of my life. I favor progressive politics, but I may not talk about them all that often because I don't find performative rage that preaches to the choir all the time that helpful. I am not a mental health professional, but I have been complimented on my patience at times. I am easy to talk to, and I don't bite. I am bi, though I'm so chronically single I'm not sure it matters that much. I am also a Christian. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy (Religious Studies) and a Master of Arts in Education.

This may not be the blog for you if: While I am accepting to anyone, regardless of belief system, whose kindness informs their lifestyle, you and I will not get along if you are aggressively antireligion, regardless of if it is general or specific. Also, while I understand frustration and categorical statements on the part of the oppressed and don't mind them, if you tend to actively celebrate the deaths of people, even if I hated those people, I probably won't enjoy that content or interact with it. If you are homophobic, trans-exclusionary, racist, or hold to any other kind of simply unkind, exclusionary politics or belief system, please keep on going. If you enjoy being part of "Anti" fandom that seeks out people who like the thing you don't to harass them or even just tends to talk mostly about what you're against rather than what you enjoy, I don't like to be around that kind of negativity.
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